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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  March 24, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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working the overnight shift can be very tough but falling asleep on the job is not a good idea especially if you are work working in an air traffic control tower. we'll have details on what happened at reagan national. >> police arrest one man two two murders in a quiet montgomery county community. more on his troubled past. fox 5 morning news continues right now. good morning. it is 6:00 here as we try to take a look over washington, d.c. this morning. very misty and foggy out there.
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it will be tough seeing out there on the roadways. good morning. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm tony perkins in this morning for steve chenevey. tucker barnes being on the other side of the desk. ments a cool start to the day. >> a little rain falling across the area. visibilities are about a half mile at some of the area airports so kind of touch and go here. you might see a few travel delays this morning. bring along a jacket because it will be cold. cold the next couple of days. let's get started with hd radar. we'll take a look at showers. not done yet. the main event was last night. we still have some leftover showers just off to the west. culpeper, getting a few showers the last couple of hours. all of this will be moving through during the next couple of hours. so can't guarantee that your morning commute will be a dry one. bring along an umbrella just in case but the good news is once this band of showers gets to the east of us, we should quiet
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down and we'll actually see a little sunshine break out later today. tony mentioned the cool temperatures. 41degrees right now at reagan national. there is your fog. your humidity, 100%. winds are out of the north and east at eight miles per hour. forecast gets a little better from here. we'll lose the shower activity. we'll get a little afternoon sunshine but we're not going to warm up. high temperatures mid- to upper 40s and with the wind out of the north at about 10 to 15, it will feel cooler than that. bring along a jacket or maybe even your winter coat today. >> it could feel closer to 30- degree weather in some areas. >> it will later tonight. more details on that in a minute. >> thank you, sir. let's found out what is happening on the area roadways. >> good morning. on the roads right now we are talking about 66. that is where we've got the crash that occurred. if you are traveling eastbound this morning trying to work your way out of centreville, the accident activity occurred just past 28. here is all the activity as you guys travel in from business
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234. traffic slows again at 123 in vienna and at the beltway. the crash we mentioned earlier, the inner loop of the beltway, the ramp of the tractor-trailer blocking the outbound commute towards 50 in bowie. all of that activity has cleared. so the ramp has been refroapped southbound 95-495 to head outbound on 50. they will come back after 9:00 and started making repairs to the guard rail damagedded as a result of that crash. police say they have involved two murder mysteries in olney, maryland. >> they happened just days apart in this quiet community. rohan goodlett is facing two first degree murder charges. police say when they searched his home, they found ammunition linking him to both murders. he drives a car that matches the description of one spotted fleeing the second shooting on monday. neighbors are resting easier. >> my daughter was frayed to
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come home from school. and when she got here on monday was paralyzed by fear. could not even go upstairs by herself. we're relieved to have it resolved. >> vehicle ours say goodlett has a criminal past. she was granted conditional release after a burglary and harrassment case several years ago. he has a history of mental illness. now they want to know how he got his hands on a nine millimeter weapon. police are trying to identify badly burned remains found inside a dumpster near a woodbridge apartment complex. firefighters found the body yesterday morning. it is unclear how the fire started or how the person died. now to other big story we are following. truck secretary ray la hood has ordered that from now on, two air traffic controllers be on duty at reagan national airport during the midnight shift. officials say two air plans
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with more than 100 passengers on board landed without tower clearance because the lone controller, and faa supervisor, was asleep. this is the pilot audio from the live tax a listen. >> american 1900, so you are aware, the tower is apparently not manned. we've medicine a few phone calls, nobody is answering. so two airplanes went in in the past 10, 15 minutes. you can expect to go in as an uncontrolled airport. >> now, the plane were in communication with another regional air traffic control facility that helped get them on the ground. the fight to help make sure your power stays on gets a high- profile boost today. barbara mikulski is expected to appear before the public safety commission. she has asked federal energy
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fills to look at the idea of federal standards for local power transmission. officials at the damaged nuclear plant in japan say three workers were exposed to radiation and two had to go to the hospital for treatment. this were laying electrical cables to the plants at the time. the restricts on tap water in tokyo have been lifted. but people have cleared store shelves of all bottled water so city officials handed out antibiotic tolls families with babies. each family gets about a quart for each infant. the fears are that thousands could be left without any water in areas devastated by the quake and tsunami. the president of yemen has emergency powers to quell protests that have been going on for two months now. he can now suspend the constitution and ban large protests. things turned deadly over the weekend when police fired on protesters, killing more than 40. britain says it is closing their embassy there and telling
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all british citizens to leave as soon as possible. in libya, another night of air strikes lit up the sky over tripoli. one hit a fuel depot near the port. but the pentagon says only warplanes are now hitting targets. the tomahawk cruise missile face of operation odyssey dawn is over. air strikes in libya's third largest city successfully turned back ghadafi's tanks that were pounding civilians. unrest in the middle east could drive gas prices to $5 a gallon before this summer. that is according to oil industry analysts. looking at gas prices right now, the average for a gal left hand of regular is $3.72 in the district. we will be right back in just a moment.  blue diamond almonds!
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we have breaking news to report from prince george's county. police there are investigating two shooting scenes that are
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pretty close to one another. one of them in the 2900 block of victory lane in district heights. two men were shot there around 4:20 this morning. one of those men has died. another scene is at pennsylvania and southern avenues where a woman has been shot. we have crews on the way to both of those scenes and we'll brung you more information as we get it. a potentially disastrous fire. that is how investigators described a blaze at miami international airport. it started when flames broke out late last night in an area where fuel is stored. the fire was not near any runways or terminals. it took 50 units about two hours to get it all under control. no reports of any injuries. one flight was delayed for about 45 minutes. the cause is still under investigate. a winter blast hits northern new jersey except it is not winter anymore. spring snow forced some schools to close and meant another chance for some kids to get out there and sled.
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but there were also concerns about the roads icing overnight. parts of northeastern pennsylvania and upstate new york are also dealing with the heavy snow. new york city even saw some of the white stuff early yesterday morning but then that turned into rain. her looks and her talent left their mark in the entertainment world. >> but that is not all elizabeth taylor was known for. coming up next, the legacy she leaves behind here in the district. 
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fans and admirers continue to mourn elizabeth taylor. she won two academy awards, married eight times and was at the forefront of hiv/aids awareness. in fact, she was the first celebrity to publicly support those suffering from aids
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though she refused to call herself a human -- a humanitarian. the building that houses d.c.'s whitman-walker clinic bears taylor's name for her tirele work. >> i believe elizabeth taylor was the catalyst for this country to stand up and take a good long look at what was happening to people around the issues of hiv/aids. without her work, we would be in a very different place today. >> and we are still waiting on word about funeral arrangements. coming up in the 8:00 hour, we'll be talking more about her influence on the whitman-walker clinic. her stamp will be present for many years to come but what a wonderful woman. >> we talked about it a little bit yesterday. how people forget that, when she came out to talk about this, like you said, she was the first and it was during a
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period of time where a lot of people were scared and didn't want to talk about it. >> she came out and said it was okay to kind of come and help people. let's check in with tucker now. >> all right. we still got some rain showers. >> still a little rain out there. we've got some fog and cool temperatures in the forecast for today and the next couple of days. wait until you see what we've got in store for the weekend. >> i know. >> you love how he tries to put the positive spin. it you love wild weather, you'll love this weekend. still some light shower activity. the heaviest rain, we had some thunderstorms toshing moving through last night -- thormd too, moving through last night -- the heaviest rain, we had some thunderstorms too moving through last night. out to the west, out into west virginia and ohio, we are starting to see some clearing skies. that will work in this afternoon. the good news is some sunshine
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back in the forecast. the batted news, wind will be out of the north at 10 to 15. with high temperatures only in the 40s, it will feel awfully cool around here for the repainedder of the day today. 41degrees at reagan national. check out the 30s. gaithersburg, good morning. 6 now in hagerstown. 38 in martinsburg. leonardtown, you are not doing a whole lot better in southern maryland. 41degrees. focus on our futurecast and i want you to watch this too. a little rain shower activity this morning. there you go and there at 8:00, you might even see a little thunderstorm activity down to the south towards fredericksburg. we'll get that out of here. partly sunny conditions this afternoon. we'll be quiet if a couple of days. we'll cloud up quickly on saturday. this particular computer run is suggesting we could have snow around here saturday night and early sunday morning with temperatures in the upper 20s and low 30s.
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it is possible saturday night and sunday morning we could have a period of winter weather before it changes to rain sunday afternoon. forecast for today, early showers, gradual clearing and cool. 48degrees. i'm only the messenger. 20s outside the beltway and the five-day forecast, 47 tomorrow. there is that weekend event. we'll leave it as an event. by sunday afternoon, temperatures back in the low 40s so we'll get it out of here. temperatures even into early next week with cherry blossoms doing their thing will be on the cool side t looks like 40s for tuesday and wednesday. let's do some on-time traffic. julie has your latest. >> good morning to you. better start right now out on the roads. we had some problems to report if you are traveling the inare loop to go outbound on route 50. all of that activity cleared. state highway says they'll come back after 9:00 to continue making guard rail repairs that were damaged as a result of that accident earlier. the lanes are open headed around towards bethesda.
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crash remains on the shoulder. this is eastbound 66, 28 centerville. look for delays leaving 238. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. we want to let you know about something special happening tomorrow morning. i am going to be over at mix 107.3 all morning long as a guest on their show. i will still be -- i wouldn't be here but i'll be doing weather updates right here on fox 5 and we'll be simulcasting some of the fun things they have planned over at mix. it will be a good time, live studio audience. it will be fun. >> that should be. looking forward to it. our business beat is coming up next. we are talking more about how elizabeth taylor changed the way how celebrities market themselves. if you are feeling lucky, this weekend may be a good time it play the lottery. the megamillions prize is now at $304 million for the friday
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night drawing. the powerball drawing happens saturday night. neither game has seen a winner since february. good cluck. -- good luck. klaff -- -- ou
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elizabeth taylor left her mark on hollywood and on the business world too. we'll have more on elizabeth taylor and her legacy. let's take a look at the markets this morning. lauren simonetti with fox business network is live in new york with this morning's business beat. >> good morning. i hear the worst report we have seen on home sales came out yesterday but that didn't seem to take the markets down any. >> good morning. no, it didn't. new home sales in the month of february plunge to the lowest level we've seen in records that date back to 1963. here what is is so interesting. in 196 3-rbg the u.s. population was under 200 million people and new home sales were nearly 6-thousand a month. the now the population is over 300 million new home sales are
6:25 am
at 250,000 a month. so this is an awful report. there are many people that don't even believe the report. they said it was too bad and must have been skewed by the weather and also traders distracted by everything going on in the arab world and in japan. so at the end of the day, we did see a rally. the dow was up by 67 points after that terrible report. and futures right now are higher as well and this comes despite oil prices that have just moved above $106. >> a know a lot of people obviously have been fixated and talking about the news, the passing of elizabeth taylor. we've seen a lot of celebrities that can have come out, built a brand around they wouldselves. what is it that she really leaves behind that we are taking a look at today. >> she was such a pioneering person. you know, she was one of the first people like the paul newman is another expect. they used their stardom to carve an empire. she started in 1988 with her
6:26 am
passion perfume. it was thee years later with white diamonds. that has been the top 10 scent for the past past 20 years. her latest, violet eyes, which was named by twitter fans, that launched last year. she will be known for this empire she carved for herself. we are seeing that with many other celebrities, all using their star power. >> she was a wonderful woman, a wonderful business woman as well. lauren simonetti, thank you so much. coming up next, police make an arrest in two murders that held a montgomery county community in fear. what led them to the suspect and more on his criminal past. it is never a good idea to fall asleep on the job especially when you work at an air traffic control tower. what happened at reagan national airport that has prompted some changes this morning. we'll be right back. c
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you will get out and want to see these while you can. the national national national park service has scaled back the peak bloom time for the cherry blossom festival. it is now march 29th through april 1st. we want to let you know there is a special relief effort to help the people of japan that takes place tonight in our area. you are invited to stand with japan, an event sponsored by the national cherry blossom festival. people will gather at 6:30 this evening at the sylvan theater near the washington monument and take pardon in a walk around the tidal basin. a lot of those blooms going to have some snow on them. >> it's possibility.
6:31 am
there is an indication not today maybe saturday night into sunday morning, could be a snow event. >> we though these thing -- we know these things can happen. >> it can happen. doesn't mean we have to like it. >> some people like to have one last shot of snow. >> as someone would likes the change of season, i can tell you i am done. >> we have some leftover showers still moving through. leftover rain generally to the south and west down towards culpeper. manassas, you will probably get some height showers. dale city, you too. that is the brunt of it. the rest of the area generally dry although cloudy to start and quite cool. let's do temperatures. 41degrees at reagan national. it is chilly out there. there is fog as well and mist. visibilities have been reduced
6:32 am
about a half mile at local area airports. definitely a rather murky feeling out there this morning. here is your forecast for today. we'll get some afternoon sunshine. we'll get rid of the rain. our high temperatures will struggle into the upper 40s. that is it. so that is about 10 degrees below where we should be this time of year. 50 the hot spot in fredericksburg and 46 in winchester. as we get into the weekend, we'll talk about the possible winter storm system in a few minutes. >> i know i had to pull out the warm knee-high boots again. >> you can't put it away quite yet. >> not that i wanted to put those away, you know. julie wright would understand as well. you love the knee-high boots. they keep you warm. >> and fashionable. >> i like mine too. >> you are absolutely right. with my legs being so short, knee-high boots come up to my thigh. on the roads, we have the wet pavement. got a little bit of drizzle.
6:33 am
got a lot happening here. let's start off along new york avenue. lanes are open here at bladensburg road. it is new york at 5th street northwest. quiet is the trip through southeast. if you are coming across the anacostia bridges, no problems to report there. there was a report of a shooting in southeast washington. we do found a portion of 27th street. police activity there closing the road way between q street and been pen avenue -- and pennsylvania avenue as a result of this ongoing investigation. 66 still on the slow side because of this crash here at 28 on the shoulder. that is keeping you guys on the brake as you travel in from business 234 and leaving manassas, traffic slowing again vienna to the beltway. potomac mills passing the print william parkway headed up to the occoquan, slow traffic continues newington to the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. the big story this morning, sleeping on the job can get you into trouble in any profession
6:34 am
but in some cases, it could be a matter of life or death. >> one person in charge of clearing planes for landing was apparently snoozing way during the midnight shift at reagan national. sherry ly is there live with more details on this one. >> reporter: good morning. you may be surprised to learn that it is not uncommon to have just one person in the tower during the midnight shift. but this is the nation's capital. it is critical air space. so the transportation secretary has now ordered that at least two people be on duty in the tower here at reagan national airport from now on. in this case, the controller in the tower was mia, putting those planes and the passengers in danger. the lane were minutes from landing with 165 passengers on board around midnight wednesday morning. there was no one answering in the air traffic control tower at reagan national airport to guide them in.
6:35 am
on live a tc had the net, here is audio transmissions from one of the pilots. >> american 1900, so you are aware, the tower is aparently not manned. we've made a few phone calls and nobody is answering. a few airplanes went in in the past 10, 15 minutes. can you expect to go in as an uncontrolled airport. >> reporter: a boeing 737 from miami circled the airport after getting no response from the tower. minutes later, an airbus a-320 from chicago couldn't get a response either. >> is there a reason it's not maned? >> well, i'm going to take a guess and say that the controller got locked out. i've heard of this happening before. >> that is the first time i've heard it. >> fortunately, it is not very often but it happened about a year ago. i'm not sure that is what happened now but there is nobody in the tower. >> interesting.
6:36 am
>> reporter: according to the associated press, the problem was and faa supervisor would was supposed to be on duty in the tower fell asleep. fortunately, the planes were in communication with another regional air traffic control facility that helped get them on the ground. >> american 1900, the tower is back in business so normal ops. >> that was a close call. >> reporter: it was too close for many passengers who fly in and out of the airport on a regular basis. >> planes in the air, it is ray really dangerous situation to me and i fly a lot and so does my family. that is a very scary thought. >> if my family is flying into d.c. or other dignitaries are flying into d.c. and the tower is asleep, what could happen, bad things, right into. >> there is alet of jobs that you shouldn't fall asleep on the job and sort of directing planes into the washington air
6:37 am
space would be one of them. >> reporter: clearly. the transportation secretary has order a review of air traffic control at airports across the country. a passenger on that inbound miami flight did tell fox 5 that the pilot told the passengers on board what was going on. told them he could not land because he could not reach anyone in the tower and that he had to find, quote, some other means. it was also raining at the time so the conditions were not optimal. the passenger says they finally landed about 25 minutes late. fortunately, safely. that is the latest here at reagan national. >> an extraordinary story. thank you very much. now to some breaking news we've been following out of prince george's county this morning. deadly violence there. two men were shot on victory lane in suitland around 4:20 this morning. one of those men died. around the same time, a woman was shot at pennsylvania and
6:38 am
southern avenues. we don't know much about her condition. now to the other top tories police say the man responsible for two deadly shootings in olney, maryland is in custody this morning. >> rohan goodlett is facing two first degree murder charges. plus say for exyou can evidence led them to the 35-year-old. he also lives right next to the home of the first shooting victim. he drives a car that matched a description of the one that was spotted kneeing the second shooting. investigators say goodlett had a criminal history. he was granted conditional release. >> when granted his conditional release back into the community on january 15, 2009, there were a total of 17 special conditions that were outlined by the court governing his release. >> that conditional release was still in place at the time of the olney murders. turning to the disaster in japan now, three workers at the
6:39 am
crippled nuclear plant were exposed to radiation this morning and two had to be hospitalized. this were laying electrical cables to the damaged reactors at the time. restrictions on tap water about 160 miles away in tokyo, water is now considered safe. but warnings yesterday caused a run on bottled water. officials in tokyo are giving families with babies one quart of water per infant each day. the president of yemen has taken emergency powers to help him put down protests going on for two months now. it lets the president ban large gatherings. in libya, large explosions
6:40 am
were heard in the capital after another night of air strikes. negotiations are taking place with nato allies about handing over control of the operation and president obama is meeting at the white house this morning with his security team. the cost of some basics will soon take a bigger bite out of your budget. >> up next, why you may be in for a little sticker shock the next time you hit the grocery aisles or your favorite discount store. stay with us. we'll be back at 6:40. 
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. welcome back. these are pictures just coming now live into the fox 5 newsroom. this is from ft. worth, texas right now where a semi truck you can see is hanging off of an overpass there. now, we don't have any word on what actually led to this accident right now but you can see that crews are working to try to remove that truck, get it out there safely -- as safely as they possibly can.
6:44 am
no word exactly on the driver, whether or not the driver has been automobile to get out safely. we will stay on top of this and bring it to you but just incredible pictures coming out of ft. worth, texas this morning. we'll bring you more as we get it. the price of everything from coffee to batteries is going up. >> and if gas prices don't stabilize soon, costs could climb even higher. melanie alnwick has more this morning. >> reporter: the rising cost of commodities is driving up the prices of many consumer goods. during the recession, many companies cut spinses to absorb the cost. but thin margins mean little wiggle room these days for companies and customers. >> it will affect us and given the economy, we are on a more restricted budget now. >> reporter: huggies maker kimberly clark is hiking prices as much as 7% in june. same for its cottonelle product as well.
6:45 am
it makes metals to make batteries and those metals are climbing on the wholesale market. that means some energize are batteries will cost more. duracells are going up too. >> we use a lot of the batteries in our household. that would be something we might look for in a costco type situation to get them cheaper. >> reporter: analyst says it is a tricky proposition for makers of consumer products. many choppers are price sensitive and will opt for a cheaper brand. others will be loyal tie point. >> i like the good brands. the more you pay the better. >> reporter: the price of shiny smiles and sparkling dishes is creeping upward. you should expect 1 to 2% increases from colgate palmolive. starbucks announced a 12%
6:46 am
increase in its bagged coffees to make up for higher wholesale costs. >> i know as a mom that is one thing you can't sacrifice. >> i know. no, there will be no sacrificing on the coffee front. >> reporter: the riding price of oil is still the x factor. it creeps into manufacturing and transportation costs for so many things on our shelves. >> that was melanie alnwick reporting. the cost of coffee beans by the way is at a 34-year high. so pretty incredible. although our temperatures i can say unfortunately are not at a 34-year high. >> completely different story. >> kind of cold out there. >> our highs in the afternoon only in the upper 40s. we still have some rain showers to work through before we can call it quits. >> i could hear the rain hitting the windows last night. >> it woke me up. we are not done with the rain yet. we are getting close. but the rain shower activity continues particularly south
6:47 am
and west of the city. it has been hanging out here the last couple of hours. you can see it just to the west of fredericksburg. you are getting rain shower activity. pretty good rains in the past hour. pretty good little band of rain. there you go, redeveloping there. we are not done with the rain quite yet and once we get the rain out of here, when you look out to the west here, it is just cloud cover. we are getting some breaks in the clouds. even with sunshine, our high temperatures will only top out in the upper 40s. that is about 10 degrees where we should be this time of year. currently, it is cool. 41degrees at reagan national. leonardtown is 41. annapolis is 41. 30s off to the north and west. 37 at at this hour. 36 in hagerstown. forecast for today.
6:48 am
48 your daytime high. winds out of the north at 10 to 15. downright cold tonight. a couple of clouds out there. look at that overnight low. . 30degrees in the city. check out this weekend forecast. 47 your daytime high tomorrow. we'll cloud up late in the day on saturday. i got to be honest with you. right now, every indication is saturday night and sunday we could have a period of winter weather around here before we can shut that system down and warm it up on sunday. look at sunday's daytime high. only about 40 degrees. it is possible we'll get a late winter system saturday night and sunday. the cherry blossoms won't love it. >> it has been looking like it will do that for the past several days i think it is just firming up. >> fairly consistent. best time. day. time now for ask the weather guys. tony and i put our rather
6:49 am
famously large heads together to answer your most pressing questions. tony's is bigger than mine. we measured. we've got three questions today. all of them are about gas prices. except for one of them is not about gas prices. the first two are from caroline who writes why can i go from one gas stietion in my neighborhood and drive a black or two and the price is different for the same brand of gas. what's up with that? also, why is it, when the price of oil goes up, they raise the price at the pump immediately but when it goes down, it takes oh, owe long to lower the price? >> good question. >> then we do have one more question too. >> let's answer these first. >> tony has an opinion on these. >> why don't we answer the first one first, why the price changes are different from neighborhood to neighborhood. why is that? >> no idea. >> i'm he looking to you.
6:50 am
>> i thought you had the answer. >> i believe it is because the gas stayings are owned independently and just like anything else, person would owns the gas station sets their own prices. they've got it set them at a certain level to make a profit but how much profit they want to make will depend on the individual -- >> i've always found the location. the close are you are to the highway the higher the prices. >> if it is like the last gas station -- -- the last gas station, the price go up. the other question, why do they go up immediately. you could have one news story and the prices go up. when the stories settle down, they stay the same. i think the answer is simply
6:51 am
greed. they are raking us over the coals. they have a chance to make the money. you hear the record companies by the oil companies. they are in business to make money. the proof is in the pudding. something happens in the middle east, prize go up. things calm down and they don't come back down. that is greed. >> the guys or the people that work there get the brunt of it and they were like i have nothing to do with it. >> all right. next question, alicia writes what do the fractions next to the gas prices mean in this is a great answer to this. so this started back in the 1920s and '30s, nobody is sure when, but the idea was that -- here is the bottom line. nobody knows the answer why there are fractions. you know when you pay like
6:52 am
$3.99 and 9/10 of a cent. one that is federal attacks are paid in fractions of a cent so they just push that on to the consumer. >> there was a time when the taxes were like a penny and a half. >> apparently today, they still are. so they still have to pay them in fractions. the other idea is back in 19 0s, when this started, gas was about 10 cents a gallon so if you can run it up to 9/10, you could make extra. >> something is part of it is because of psychology. we squeezed in three questions. if have you a question that you want answered, go to and click on the weather tab. we do appreciate it. >> let's get to julie wright. i'm glad you didn't see that dance tucker was just doing to that song. it was kind of scary. >> is it anything like his singing?
6:53 am
>> yes. >> all right. on the roads right now, we'll start off talking about inbound route 50, the john hanson highway head out towards ken all worth avenue. accident report the right here so heads up as you work your way inbound from riverdale and trying to head out to the new york avenue split, heads up there for that accident activity reported. no incidents to reported outer loop of the beltway as you leave 95 college park headed past new hampshire avenue. all of your lanes are open continuing around towards the exits for georgia avenue. southbound 270 busy ride approaching and passing 109. traffic slows montrose road headed out towards the split. 395, wall-to-wall traffic as you leave duke street headed up towards seminary road. inner loop, route 50, arlington boulevard for the stalled car in the right lane. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. fox 5 is monitoring metro putting the spotlight on problems with the system and what is happening to fix them.
6:54 am
tomorrow, we'll get answers straight from the top. general manager richard sarles will join us live in the 6:00 hour. if you see something wrong on metro, e-mail us at fox 5 metro at g we want your stay with us tips, pictures and video. we may share some of it on air. it is a birthday celebration like no other. >> holly is live at the verizon center to show us how the greatest show on earth is celebrating the man who started it all. we'll be right back.  blue diamond almonds!
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good morning, everybody. i'm holly morris and welcome to the greatest show on earth. normally of course i would be talking about fox 5 morning news but today i'm talking about the ringling brothers barnum and bailey circus which has rolled in. it is the 140th edition of this show. it's called barn um 200 and
6:58 am
promise for it to be the biggest bash in history. so magnanimous it's taken 200 years to come to this, featuring 140 performers from six different continents and this morning we are getting the inside scoop and preview for you and your family. we have clowns. they're always around, clowning around. we'll check in with them. we have the ring master coming out, america's favorite cowboy coming out and we have ways to come out and see the experience the show and we'll give you the information you need to know so you and your family can come on out and have a unbelievable time. >> holly, thank you. we'll check with you in a bit. now let's say good morning to our facebook fan of the day. it is ray javier and today is
6:59 am
his 40th birthday. he's celebrating on saturday by running the national marathon. it is his first one. to be tomorrow's fan of the day find us on facebook by searching fox 5 and post a comment under ray's photo. that does it for the 6:00 hourment now let's send it over to allison and tony. good morning. >> good morning, sarah. thank you so much. and coming up on fox 5 morning news, breaking news out of prince george's county, three people have been shot early this morning, at least one victim has died. we'll get the latest. and meantime an arrest is made in the case of two murders in a quiet maryland neighborhood. we'll take a closer look at the suspect's troubled past. and we're also learning about a scare in the air above reagan national airport. pilots forced to land planes without the help of air traffic controllers. the shocking reason why this happened in just moments. plus we're following these live images from texas. breaking news there


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